As you embark this lovely journey
of which there is no end,
May God's angels hold you tightly,
I pray for you my friend.

May the love you've shown others
now flow back to you.
What you have sent will now return,
I know this to be true.

May your path be of white roses.
May your laughter ring in heaven.
God's will now needs your beauty,
That to us you've always given.

May this journey you anticipate,
Be filled with love and grace.
There is no pain or suffering
In this Holy, heavenly place.

May your thoughts of being an angel
To guard those you have left,
Touch the very heart of God,
To grant you this request.

As you depart upon this path,
God holds your soul intact!
He's molded you! He loves you!
You need never look back!

May the celestial awe before you
Encompass you in space.
To hold you close and loving,
'Til you touch His Holy Face.'

by Thea M. Kellogg
from Windows to the Heart


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