This page is dedicated to the memory of my very dear husband

John David Bischel - 12/31/33 - 11/16/02
He was my 'punkin'


Shadows and Butterflies
by Barbara Bassett

We walk in shadows all of our days
But there can be no shadows without a sun.
And life will continue to challenge and taunt
Until our life's work is done.
Each of us are here for a purpose
Though none know what it might be.
Just think of the celebration
When finally we are free !

Watch the butterflies as they flutter
From Hollyhock to the rose
In search of a blossom's perfection
On a journey that each of them knows.
As their wings lift them up to the heavens
Know our spirits will rise on the wind
And the journey is only beginning.
There is no such thing as an end.


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~ Husband of Mary Stornello ~ Father of Ken Stout ~ Mother of Kim Goodsill
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Ellwod (Pete) McAughey ~ Husband of Isobel ~ Father of Marilyn, Maxine, & Frank John Jacobs ~ Father of Carol Lee D. Greatorex Walker ~ Father of Linda Walker & Michael Walker
Raymond Edwin Walker ~ Husband of Jean ~ Father of Lisa ~ Robert Stiff ~ Father-in-law of Greg Edwards Ida Audrey Harrill ~ Wife of Rex Harrill ~ Mother of Lisa, Christopher, & John ~ Step-Mother of Steve & Trish
~ Mother of Jeanne Schulman ~ Father of Diane Davis ~ Father of Bruce Kopena
Joyce Elaine Scheerhorn ~ Mother of Becky Scheerhorn Juanita Wohlbruck ~ Mother of Joy Becher Govindasamy Velayutham (Samy) ~ Brother of Vimala Velayutham
John Buatti ~ Husband of Kathy Buatti Dan Chrusciel ~ Husband of Millicent Chrusciel Jerry Flueckiger ~ Husband of Jane Flueckiger
Roy Chorm ~ Friend of Suzan Yeates Maxine Smith ~ Mother of Bob Smith Colo Halmi ~ Husband of Grace Halmi
Joseph B. Everman ~ Father of Weez Ellie Munson ~ Mother of Peg Viglione June Mannion ~ Mother of Polly Bratton
Ralph Selleck ~ Husband of Barbara Selleck Aliza Lieberman ~ Wife of Gil Lieberman Ted Ion ~ Husband of Linda Ion
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William Elliott Jr. (Bill) ~ Husband of Frances ~ Father of Beverly Self, Bill Elliott, & Sharon Gray ~ Grandfather & Greatgrandfather Maureen Heyn ~ Mother of Alison Edgson Lloyd D.(Pete)McDaniel ~ Husband of Maureen ~ father of Pete & Marni
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John Knesel ~ Husband of Kathy Knesel ~ Father of Kacey & Kristofer Herman Ward ~ Husband of Joyce Ward Ruth Furniss ~ Wife of George Furniss
Brian Lowdon ~ Husband of Sarie Lowdon Blair Schrecongost ~ Husband of Elinor Schrecongost ~ Father of Nancy, Dan & Carol David Vaughn ~ Father of Cyndi Robinson
Peggy ~ Mother of Nancy Lam Mike Causey ~ Father of Diane Causey Lorah Michael ~ Mother of Lisa Michael
Anne Kehlringer ~ Mother-in-law of Bonnie Kehlringer Ralph Haarer ~ Husband of Lita Haarer ~ Father of Diane Allhands, Catherine Dewey, Nancy Smith, Michael Haarer, David Haarer, Kenneth Haarer, Linda Elser, Carol Palmberg, Steven Haarer, Judy Baker, & Gary Clark Von Reece ~ Husband of Connie Reece ~ Father of Connie Lavon Reece & Laurie Jan Reece ~ Uncle of Roger Ratliff
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Joan ~ Mother-in-law of Judi Quail Chester Murphy ~ Father of Donna MacAdams Brigitte ~ Wife of Guenter Blaeschke
Geoffrey Young ~ Husband of Julienne ~ Father of Dominique & Simon ~ Father of Patti Dahl ~ Father of Nancy
Sue Burton ~ Wife of Gerald Burton Johanna ~ Mother of Kristien Brada Shirley Fava ~ Mother of Laurene Brazil
Jean Boyce ~ Patient of Tammy Bennett Yolande Poirier ~ Wife of Sadat Kazi ~ Mother of Ania & Jamal Alice Ross ~ Mother of Margaret Dochoda
Kenneth E. Gutzki ~ Husband of Barbara Gutzki Palmena F. Drauchen ~ Mother of Louise Podanoffsky & John Drauchen ~ Mother of Shelly
Francis DeFelice ~ Husband of Norma DeFelice Geraldine Payne ~ Mother of Sharon Mahaffey Danny O'Neill ~ Husband of Janey O'Neill ~ Brother of Barbara Bolling
~ Sister of Karen Kennemer Cary Stephan ~ Husband of Linda Stephan ~ Brother of Claudia, Debra, Dean & Scott John W. Cottrill ~ Husband of Sharon Reeves Cottrill
Charlotte Werre ~ Wife of Raymond (Bill) Werre ~ Mother of Lisa & Rhonda ~ Grandmother of Shane, Mitch, Daniel & Brianna John ''Jack'' Osborne ~ Husband of Regina Osborne ~ Father of Steve, David & John Osborne, Patty and Susan Osborne, Kathy Briley, Jeanne Foster, Jane Sullivan, Karen Nauert & many grandchildren Jim Gray ~ Husband of Jean Gray
~ Husband of Gill Sugden ~ Father of Linda Gerald Herbold ~ Husband of Celeste Herbold
~ Father of Christie Dixon Danny Williams ~ Husband of Charlotte Williams ~ Father of Kurt, Scott, & Amy ~ brother of Lucy, Debbie & Rose Bill "Percey" Williams ~ Husband of Rita Williams ~ Uncle of Karen, Gary & Becky
Dr. Herbert C. Lansdell ~ Husband to Franga Stinson ~ Father of Bret & Grant Lansdell ~ Uncle to Keith Lansdell ~ Psychologist to many at NIH Thomas A. French ~ Brother of Brenda Cooley Penny ~ Mother of Christine Latham
John Moxley ~ Husband of Donna Moxley Leona Hasenpflug ~ Wife of Don Hasenpflug ~ Mother of Marilyn Kadavy Dave Thompson ~ Husband of Kathy Thompson
Ronald Wayne Ditty ~ Husband of Norma Jean Ditty ~ Father of Mike, Jerry, Janis and Steve ~ Grandfather to Joe, Lori, Emily, David, Nathan, Danny, Nicholas, Bradley and Bret ~ Great-grandfather to Bailey Bob Davis ~ Husband of Sue Davis Elton M. Griffis ~ Father of Lynn M. Griffis & Steven M. Griffis
Hoyt Ingram ~ Father of Linda Cornelius Dr. Tom Johnson ~ Husband of Joan Johnson ~ Father of Ben Johnson, Jake Johnson, & Judy Anderson ~ Grandfather of Brandon, Alex & Cassandra Johnson John MacEwen ~ Husband of Dorothy MacEwen ~ Father of Cindy, Lisa, Ian, Dwayne, & Randy ~ Grandfather of Madison, Summer, Cameron, Abby & Keiran.
Ken Parrott ~ Husband of Betty Parrott E.E.(Al) Soeffker ~ Husband of Marge Soeffker H. Franklin Waters ~ Father of Melanie Bruner
Annalise Lauridsen ~ Wife of Leif ~ Mother of Krista & Marianne ~ Mother-in-law of Jorn & Morten ~ Mormor of Sofie, Amanda, Julie & Jeppe Maritza Merin ~ Wife of Eugene Merin John Henry 'Jack' Mears ~ Husband of Judy Mears ~ father of Chris Mears & Ilene McHale ~ brother of Tom Mears ~ grandfather of Brittany, Nicole, & J. Christopher Mears & Conor McHale
Dan Ramm ~ Husband of Maria Ramm ~ Father of Danny A, Christopher L., Patrick and Karen Gerald Szweda ~ Husband to Frances ~ Father of Christine White, Jerry & Jason Szweda, Pa-Pa to Christopher & Katelyn White John Warren ~ Husband of Gloria Warren, Father of Kim Karhoff , Kristi Von Hagel & Kelli Warren ~ Grandfather of Savanna, Jessica, Emily, Katelyn, Hannah, & Emma
Lewis H. Wilson Jr. ~ Husband of Kathy ~ Father of Rose Chable ~ Mother of Mark Butler ~ Husband of Audrey Boyd
William C. Latham ~ Father of Darlene Turner & Karen Latham George Ford ~ Husband of Michelle Ford John Kappel ~ Husband of Donna Kappel
Nora Frances Manning ~ Mother of Ron & Michael Manning Alan E. Medon ~ Husband of the late Cheryl ~ father of Craig, Marcie and Mark ~ son of Elaine ~ brother of Lynn, Christine & Laurie Richard Paulin ~ Husband of Wanda Paulin
Wallace Shults ~ Husband of Monika ~ Father of Monica & Denise Charles Douglas "Speedy" Morris ~ Husband of Marilyn ~ Father of Tim, David, and Robert ~ Grandfather of Angela, Emily, Heather, Lauren, Stephen, & Jonathan Paula ~ Sister of Mary Ivers ~ Cousin of Diane Plummer
Warren Strong ~ Husband of Mary Strong John Bischel ~ Husband of Charmayne Bischel ~ Father of Brad, Brett & Beth ~ grandfather of Jacee, Jacob, Marisa, Alex & Jaedon Jess Williams ~ Husband of Evelyn Williams ~ Father of Jeanie Lindemann & Lee Ann Heath, grandfather of Nichole Ivie & Tara Lindemann
Lorraine Hanrahan ~ Wife of Bob Hanrahan ~ Mother of Tom, Janne, Maureen, Nancy, Don, Larry & Bill ~ grandmother of 13 ~ sister of Eileen Bullard & Henry Kloppenburg. Fred James ~ Husband of Vera ~ Father to Brett, Heath & Heather ~ Grandfather to Jackie, Brittany, Jacob, Jesse, Susan, Joshua , Erica, Hannah & Tristan. David Hanson ~ Husband of Mary ~ Father of Randy, Braden, Nathan & Heidi ~ Ampa to Caroline, Grace & Faith
Loretta M. Harrison ~ Mother & best friend of Amy DeBusk ~ mawmaw Reddy of Brad & Lauren Leo Willmann ~ Husband of Ginger ~ father of Gary & Jennifer ~ grandfather of Brandon Cameron, Kathryn, Rachel & Lauren Pete Carpenter ~ Husband of Yvonne ~ father of LeEllyn & Melissa ~ Grandfather of Veronica, Lindsay, Macie & Gabriele
Billie Jean Wuerfel (Duffee) ~ Mother of Melissa Ron House ~ Husband of Marsha ~ father of Chris, Melissa, Betsy & Richard Irvin Huston ~ Husband of Dorothy ~ father of Joanne (McCorkindale), Trudy (Jackson), Gale (Mears) David, Glenna (Silvan), James, Mavis(Tayler) & Laura Vallejos ~ Grandfather of 32 ~ Great grandfather of 25
Frederick Hugh Shaw ~ Husband of Suzanne ~ daddy to Hayley, Candace & Anthony ~ son in law of Trevor & Margaret Charles Keadle ~ Husband of Sue Keadle Gary Pearce ~ Husband of Net ~ dad to Jodie, Kate, Emma, Lucy & Sophie
Roger Toppins ~ Father of Matthew and James Ralph Snyder ~ Husband of Shirley ~ father of Rebecca & Jason ~ grandfather of Madison and Emileigh William Card ~ Husband of Winifred
Nick Mangiaracina ~ Husband of Cindy ~ Father of Vincent & Michael Reverend Robert McInroy ~ Uncle of Carin McInroy Kathy Shih ~ Mother of Lily Shih & David T. Shih ~ grandmother of David A. Shih


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