The Clackamas Crimson Kids!:

Marilynn C
Lady La Tour
Vice Queen

Queen 'B'

Carolyn Run
Lady of the Book
Vice Queen

Dana A
Mistress of Quilting

Kit B

Janan B
Duchess of Xanadu

Janelle B
Mistress of Mud

Mary Jo C
Duchess of the Silver Lining

Mary C
Lady of the Plates

Nancy C
Lady of the Pictures

Juanita D
Countess of the Country

M Rene' F
Princess Unpredictable

Angie F
Mistress of Far Away Lands

Marlene F
Duchess of Shopping Haul

Sue G
Lady of the Bell

Nancy H
4 Wheelin Granny

Maria H
Grand Diva Maria

Billie L
Baroness Biker Nut

Lori M

Doreen M
Lady Carousel

Cheryl M
Lady of All Things Knitted

Judy P
Magic Penny

Janice P
Lady of Travels

Pat P
Mistress of Mustard

Carolyn Rad
English Rose

Barb S
Princess of the Paint Palette

Patty S
Lady On The Run

Sheryl S
Duchess of Pappasloss Court

Mary S

Becky T
Grammie Bear

Crystal T
Lady of the Dogs

Winona T
Lady Tisket-a-Tasket

Sally V
Lady On The Go

Terry W
Lady Loveglitz
(AKA Lady-Late-a-Lot)